Mission Day Fredrikstad

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Missionday Fredrikstad

Agents, we want to discover Fredrikstad on Saturday December 8. In collaboration with the touristboard we will provide you high quality missions to explore the city on foot together.

Gamlebyen is one of Northern Europe’s treasures with its well kept buildings, cobbled streets and a wonderful mixture of every day life, art, history, boutiques, museums, exhibitions and dining places. All in all this creates a unique atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. The star shaped moat surrounding the city is perfect for a picnic, a stroll and to lower one’s shoulders. It´s so pleasant that we even have a name for it. To "jangle" on the moat.

You need to complete at least 12 Missions for the Badge. Checkout the Missions!

MD: Fredrikstad, King Frederik II MD: Fredrikstad, Østre Fredrikstad Kirke MD: Fredrikstad, Fredrikstad Museum MD: Fredrikstad, Krutthuset MD: Fredrikstad, Ankeret MD: Fredrikstad, Whalehunter Museum MD: Fredrikstad, Festningsbyen Fredrikstad MD: Fredrikstad, Artillerigården MD: Fredrikstad, Vindelbrua MD: Fredrikstad. Model Train Museum MD: Fredrikstad: Roald Amundsen MD: Fredrikstad: Fredrikstad Public Library MD: Fredrikstad: St. Birgitta Katolske Kirke MD: Fredrikstad: Domkirken MD: Fredrikstad:St. Croix Kulturhus MD: Fredrikstad:Isegran MD: Fredrikstad:Kongsten Fortress MD: Fredrikstad:Vaterland MD: Fredrikstad:Lykkebergparken MD: Fredrikstad:Felix Scopulus Tower MD: Fredrikstad:Church Route MD: Fredrikstad:Bryggepromenaden MD: Fredrikstad:Plankebæreren MD: Fredrikstad:Fredrikstad stadion

Be aware that missions 3,4,16,17 and 20 is not accessible by wheelchair. But we're sure agents from both factions happily will help you out.


24 Missions across Fredrikstad will be created.
All Missions are created and tested by local Agents to ensure a great Mission Day experience.

Timetable MD: Fredrikstad

Our Timetable is not yet final. We will keep you updated!

When? What?
11:30 - 12:00 Group Photo
Show us your happy face
12:00 - 17:00 Registration
Show us your Missions


Fredrikstad is centrally located in southeast Norway with good communte connections
from both Oslo and Gothenburg either by train or bus.

Bus from Gothenburg
Within Østfold



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